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Features of PC/ABS plastic:(1) smart comprehensive performance, highimpact strength, chemical stability and electrical performance;(2) High impact, high heat, flameretardant, enhanced, clear grade;(3) glorious balance of machineperformance;(4) Indoor actinic radiation stability;(5) Flame resistance (UL945VB);(6) straightforward for injection and extrusion, blowmolding;(7) smart electroplating;(8) it's smart fastening property withplexiglass, and is created into two-color plastic elements, and may be chrome-platedand painted. PC/ABS is athermoplastic manufactured from polycarbonate (PC) and polyacrylonitrile (ABS) alloy. Itcombines the molding property of ABS material with the wonderful properties ofPC, like mechanical properties, impact strength, extreme temperature resistanceand actinic radiation resistance.

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