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Oil Pump 3-3


Automobile Oil Pump 3-3


1. Mechanical Properties 

It has good mechanical properties. Whenthe die casting piece is tested by itself, the mechanical properties of thesample cut from the designated part are not be less than 75% of the single castsample. 

2. Surface Quality 

The surface roughness of the die-castingpart is good, and the surface has no defects such as cracks, looseness andbubbles. The surface can be polished, shot blasted, anodized, and the like.  

3. Inspection Method 

X-ray photographs, non-destructivetesting, metallographic inspection and die-casting profiles are availableinside the castings.  

4. Production Efficiency 

At present, aluminum alloy die-castingparts are widely used in electronic digital products, auto parts, hardwarelamps, household appliances, power tools, machine parts, architecturaldecoration, unmanned aerial vehicles and communications. 


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